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What is Funding Wonder?

We are a lending community that helps quality businesses borrow money quickly and investors get better returns.


Help Businesses and Help Yourself
Interest rates are at historic lows, stock prices are at historic highs which limits good choices to invest your money. The Funding Wonder marketplace connects you with great fixed income investing opportunities.
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Get the Capital You Need to Grow
Many regional banks have disappeared and big banks aren’t interested in making loans under $200,000. The Funding Wonder marketplace connects you with the financing you need to build your business.
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The Benefits

Get Reliable Cash Payments

Receive monthly repayments with interest and watch your money grow.

Get investors to compete.

Run a campaign to generate a lot of interest and drive down the interest rate you’ll pay.

Skip the bank’s red tape.

Bypass the middleman and work directly with investors.

Managed Your Level of Risk

Select companies that fit within your risk profile.

Earn Good Returns

Generate an interest rate of 6 – 15% on your money.

Help your neighborhood economy grow.

Invest in the local businesses you know. When they thrive, your community thrives.

Make It Quick and Convenient

Submit your application online and get funded within weeks.

You Are In Control

Choose your loan size and duration and payback early without penalty. 

Accredited Investors Business Owners Good Returns Reliable Cash Payments Manage Level of Risk Quick and Convenient Competitive Rates You Are In Control Investment Opportunities Finance Your Business

The BIG Picture

Small Businesses Account for

99%of all U.S.businesses

There are close to 30 million small businesses with less than 500 employees and they are the lifeblood of our economy.

Online Lending is Growing

175% a year

Investors are adding direct loans to their portfolios in increasing numbers while lending in the traditional banking sector has declined 3%.

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Small businesses are the engine of our economy. Help us grow by joining Funding Wonder's lending community today.